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    Thanks for popping by! 

    You're likely here because you're either a mom, or a single mom; entrepreneur, travel lover or into health and wellness, or maybe like me, you're doing all of it! If so, I'm sure we'll get along real good!

    I'm your resource for all things mom life, travel, wellness and living a soul led life. My stories and sharings are honest, practical and helpful. Check out my blog below, read more about me, shop travel essentials from my boutique and browse my favourite mom life products on Amazon

    Whether it’s holistic alternatives and wellness, my fave fitness routines, travel hacks (and my top destinations), or mama-hood tips you’re looking for - it’s all here!  

    Spend some time with me and leave with tips and hacks to level up your lifestyle.

    Have a question you’d love some Jule’s advice on?  Get at me, girl.

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    From the Blog

    Meet Jules

    Hi I'm Jules!

    I share my lifestyle, day-to-day, lessons, experiences and story to inspire.

    I am a multi-passion business woman and entrepreneur. A mindful mom to 3 gorgeous daughters, a culinary nutritionist, holistic lifestyle coach and previously a personal trainer. 

    I live mid-town Toronto but love to get away from the city.  I almost always have 2-3 vacations booked at any given time. I'm into all the woo and love astrology. For those of you who are into it too, I’m Virgo sun and rising with Gemini moon. I have to mindfully curb my perfectionist tendencies and I love to chat.

    Good conversations are everything.  I'm passionate about health and wellness, keeping fit, luxury travel, astrology and the moon, natural products, conscious consuming, purging and organizing and connecting and sharing.

    Synchronicity keeps me curious and awake. Everyday I find messages and reminders from divine. Every time I smile, shake my head and thank my angels for supporting me. Being in alignment is my ultimate goal. When I'm in alignment, everything flows.


    I love connecting and sharing

    I thrive when I know that my energy enhances the vibration around me.  
    I'm inviting you to follow along and discover how I survived my fall and attempt to live my best life, everyday.

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