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    Cold & Flu Kits

    cold and flu survival kits

    Over 80% of Canadians get the cold or flu every season.  As there’s an increased shift toward natural health care we teamed up with our Naturopathic Doctor friends, Dr. Rachel Corradetti, ND and Dr. Maryska Taylor, ND of Clinic Intrinsic to bring you the best in cold and flu prevention and restoration. 

    The all-natural Cold & Flu Prevention Kit contains everything needed to support the immune system during this cold and flu season. From super-effective supplements to soothing teas and immune supporting botanicals, prevention will be key to staying healthy and vibrant during the upcoming winter season.

     If a cold does get you down the all-natural Restorative Kit is full of everything you need to recover. From effective andrographis, to nourishing soup, and soothing lozenges - you’ll feel better in no time.

    You have the option to purchase the Restorative / Acute products a la carte.  We highly suggest you have these on hand in the event that you do get sick, to lessen the severity and duration of your cold and/or flu symptoms.


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