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    I offer lifestyle coaching for those who are looking to bring more harmony, more peace, more grace into their lives. Whether you're a single mama, entrepreneur, or are looking to rise from an abusive relationship, I got your back!

    With a background in holistic lifestyle coaching, personal training and nutrition coaching as well as my own personal experience with business, parenting, separation and divorce I have an abundance of information and experience to share with my coaching clients. My approach is of a holistic nature.

    Having gone through my own unravelling from a lifetime of enduring narcissistic abuse, I have moved my focus to helping women rise. My focus over the past few years has been learning about trauma, narcissistic personality disorder and psychological abuse and how to thrive in a world polluted with poison.

    If you're interested in hearing how I can support you in your transitions, endeavours, day-to-day and healing journey, I'd love to learn more about you and your aspirations in a free discovery call.

    Let's book a free discovery call!