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    This is the thing.

    Most of what we do is unconscious. We live in a very unconscious world.

    Delving into that realm ain't for the faint of heart. Ignorance really is bliss.

    It starts with you. Look at you. Do you REALLY know yourself? Do you play victim? Do you gossip or partake in drama? Do you continually come into issues and find yourself getting dizzy on your hamster wheel? Do you blame others? Do you find joy and peace everyday? Are you happy? Are you thriving? Are you suffering? Are you spiritual? What are you seeking? Are you open? 

    Real growth and real change comes from consciousness. Nothing can change without first having awareness.

    Consciousness is a super popular word these days, and to be honest, I really don't mind that at all, actually I fully support it.

    It's cool to be conscious. 

    Consciousness in relationships is paramount and truly does level up your life. It all starts with consciousness of self.

    I have so much to say about consciousness and my journey. Too much to share here ;)

    So pop by often, sign up for my weekly newsletter and enjoy!




    When I find something I love, I share.

    I'm a quality girl. Less is more.  I spend money on quality products that last, that do the job and offer value to me. I consider many things when I'm purchasing - just about anything. I do my research. Below I share some of my favourite everyday lifestyle products that I like and recommend.


    Conscious consuming

    Before I make purchases, I do research and weigh a lot of factors. 

    For some of the more expensive appliances I may consider a few things:

    Will this iRobot vacuum support my lifestyle?

    YES, I can schedule it to vacuum overnight, because you know I have a toddler and the floors get messy! I'd rather spend my time doing other things. Automate, Automate, Automate.

    Can I get it on sale, or get points or cash back? 

    YES, I can buy it through and earn cash back, or at Costco with my executive membership.

    Will I get good daily use of this Vitamix?

    YES. I'll be able to use it for an assortment of recipes and reasons and it is known to last a super long time. I don't need the fanciest model.

    Are some of these things expensive? 

    YUP, but they make sense for my needs and I'll keep them for as long as I can.

    When I find something that works well, I usually just keep it to that one product and make it last a long time. And most of the times I don't need to spend a lot on a product hat works well. More doesn't mean better.

    Other things I consider...

    What is this product made of? Does it work better than a more consciously manufactured options? Is it good value? If my kids lose it, will I care so much?

    Lots of things to consider, but guess what, it doesn't need to be a conscious decision. Once you condition yourself and open yourself up, these habits become unconscious. You don't need to constantly worry or question every decision or purchase, or sentence that comes from your mouth.

    We really like the Wet Brush, and although it's not consciously made, it's going to get really good use, and I have yet to find a natural one that compares. So that's the one we use and that I recommend. Being conscious isn't about being perfect and always going the more natural route.

    Sometimes, somethings gotta give, you know. Well, that's my mindset anyways. I do my best and make conscious decisions. I don't follow rules, or have labels to live by, I just try to be more aware and be conscious of my lifestyle choices.

    Lifestyle BLOG

    In my blog, I write about my perspectives, experiences and favourite things.  I share all the things - how to spend less money, how to shop smarter, how to substitute to healthier products, ways to be a conscious consumer, how to connect deeply with yourself to learn your patterns, triggers and projections.

    This is my jam. I love the capacity of my mind, heart and soul and when I'm awake, switched on, I am my truest self, my best self.