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    This blog is about me; my lifestyle, day-to-day, lessons, experiences and story. I am a multi-passion business woman and entrepreneur. A mindful mom to 3 gorgeous daughters, a culinary nutritionist, holistic lifestyle coach and a previously a personal trainer.

    I live mid-town Toronto but love to get away from the city.  I almost always have 2-3 vacations booked at any given time. I'm into all the woo and love astrology. For those of you who are into it too, I’m Virgo sun and rising with Gemini moon. I have to mindfully curb my perfectionist tendencies and I love to chat.

    Good conversations are everything. I'm passionate about health and wellness, keeping fit, luxury travel, astrology and the moon, natural products, conscious consuming, purging and organizing and connecting and sharing. I’ve experienced a lot. Sometimes it shocks me and a lot of it seems like another life. In the past few years, I've had a pretty serious spiritual smackdown.

    It's been quite the journey; from a new business, to a divorce, to an engagement, a little identity crisis when reverting back to my maiden name, to a new baby and a new house and a lot more. In all of that, I have connected with myself and connected to spirit and found that I was always being supported by the universe. For 'good or bad', it's something that I need to experience.  

    Synchronicity keeps me curious and awake. Everyday I find messages and reminders from divine. Every time I smile, shake my head and thank my angels for supporting me. Being in alignment is my ultimate goal. When I'm in alignment, everything flows.