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    I use DŌTERRA essential oils, for nearly everything.

    I have them diffusing throughout the house. I use them in my skincare as well as laundry and natural cleaning products. I stock most of my favourite oils in my online boutique. If you don't see the oil you're looking for, you can order directly through my dōTERRA site

    One of my favourite everyday oil is Lemongrass. You can use it in your laundry, cleaning supplies, bath. It's very clean and uplifting.

    How to use oils in your laundry 

    Just add a few drops to your machine when you add your unscented detergent. 

    I use Nellies All Natural Laundry Soda. I purchase it in bulk from Costco.ca online but you can get smaller containers from Amazon.ca.

    Then add drops of the essential oil to your Moss Creek wool dryer balls.

    Shop my dōTERRA Website

    I only carry a limited number of dōTERRA oils. Should you be interested in purchasing from the entire collection, please use the button to shop. I highly suggest the Deep Blue Rub!


    When I find something I love, I share.


    The essential oil products found in my lifestyle boutique can also be found in my gift baskets. 


    Wooden Essential Oil Storage Rack

    Wooden Storage Rack

    Glass Roller Bottles

    Spray Glass Bottles 

    My Friends & oil experts

    Josi Hewgill

    Inspiring mama to 4 and expert on all things wellness. She has all the best DIY and essential oil knowledge that she shares on her IG stories.

    Geralyn Power

    This mama is the ultimate truth teller. She's in tune and on point. She has an abundance of free resources and guides. She's my go-to for all things essential oils. 

    Robyn Baldwin

    Robyn is a wealth of knowledge!! She has a super huge zest for life and all things awesome. She's super connected and intuitive and has tons of essential oil (and lots of other) wisdom to share.

    Robyn Baldwin