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    Here are some of my essentials from amazon and other retailers that I use and recommend. Having purchased lots of baby stuff for 3, I'd like to think that I know a few things.  Lots of the 'new baby things' on the market are totally not necessary. I tend to keep things practical and of course health-conscious. When purchasing baby items, think about what you can get gently used and what you could possibly sell when you no longer need it.


    Seventh Generation Diapers

    These are my favourite diapers. I started with Pamper Swaddlers with my first two babies as I didn't know as much then and healthier alternative weren't abundant. I tried The Honest Company, but after a bad diaper rash, I moved to these and haven't ever had an issue. 

    Water Wipes

    These are the absolute best baby wipes, you'll want to buy them by the box. They're really good for anything and are all over our house. Made with just water and 1% grapefruit seed extract, they are the safest, cleanest and most moist wipe for your baby. They keep their moisture so well.


    Ubbi Wipes Holder

    I love this wipe holder. It's clean and modern and keeps the wipes contained. I have them throughout my house. They are far nicer than the others I've come across. Highly recommend!

    Ubbi Wipes Dispenser

    Diaper Pail

    I prefer to reduce the cost of disposing of diapers as much as possible. So that means I use a diaper pail and a washable bag. 

    Munchkin Diaper Pail

    Bunkins Washable Diaper Pail Bags

    Use something like this in your diaper pail, empty and wash it often and leave it out in the sun when you can.

    Bunkins Diaper Pail Bags

    Keekaroo Peanut Change Table

    I used an IKEA cabinet that was in my family room as the baby's dresser. I put this on top along with the diaper basket and wipe container. It certainly does the job for multi-purposing. I also love that it's easy to wipe clean and has higher edges to help keep the babe secure.

    Keekaroo Peanut Change Table

    Silk Crib Sheet

    Silk crib sheets are key to avoiding the baby bald spot. By my 3rd baby, I had learned a lot about sleep and noticed that babies toss their heads a lot while sleeping and trying to soothe themselves. Babies also sleep a lot and are on their backs a lot. I know that silk or satin pillow cases are said to keep hair nice and smooth and are apparently good at avoiding wrinkles too; so I figured that silk crib sheets would be helpful in avoiding the bald spot. It certainly helped. My daughter at 17 months has silky beautiful hair down her back. This set is pricer but it's pure and hypo-allergenic. These sheets come in an assortment of colours, I prefer the white/cream colour.

    Silk Crib Sheets

    Organic ErgoPouch Sleeping Bag

    This is my favourite sleeping bag for infants. The 0.2 tog is great when swaddling up to 4-6 months.  I swaddle the baby then put the snug pouch on top. Once they grow out of swaddling, I open the little arm holes and let the arms out. I have the heavier togs in larger sizes for as the baby grows.

    Organic ErgoPouch Sleeping Bag

    Organic Receiving Blankets

    Organic receiving blankets are essential. I used them in my swaddling technique that my babies were unable to break-free from which you can find on my healthy sleep post here.

    Organic Receiving Blankets

    HoMedics Sound Machine

    This sound machine is great value and it stays on all night with the option of a timer. The key to successful sleep is to keep the white noise playing consistently all night long.

    HoMedics Sound Machine

    Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link

    This fan is also an air purifier. It has a remote for easy use and is also easy to clean. It's a little pricey but I know Ebates has a cash back for Dyson online that is usually about 5%. If you haven't already, I suggest you open an account with Ebates and start earning cash back. Seriously. Read my blog post on Ebates here.

    Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier


    Play With Pieces Play Mat

    This play mat is amazing. Canadian made by moms. Natural and attractive. It cleans up easily and is double sided. 

    Play With Pieces Play Mat

    Finn & Emma Natural Play Gym

    I was so opposed to having bright unattractive and toxic baby toys around my house. I really loved that the hanging toys could come off, be cleaned but also were natural and hand made in Peru. The gym was also adjustable with two levels.

    Finn & Emma Natural Play Gym

    LilleBaby 360 Carrier

    This is a really great carrier. Baby can face in and out, it has infant support and also a few flaps that open to provide air flow. It goes on easily and is easy to adjust. Initially there are a lot of strings that need to be adjusted then tucked away. The weight disperses across the back and hips. I always take this while travelling as it comes in handy on the plane for sleeping (if that happens).

    LilleBaby 360 Carrier

    Baby Bjorn Chair

    This chair is so good. Take it in the washroom, around the house and let the baby watch you. It sort of folds up and has a few different position. It slightly bounces with the baby's movements, but not too much. It's really just someplace to rest the baby.

    Baby Bjorn Chair

    Munchin Formula Dispenser

    This is so basic, but so helpful. If your baby is formula fed at all, this will come in handy. Keep it stocked and in the diaper bag.

    Munchin Formula Dispenser

    Holle Organic Goats Formula

    I introduced formula after 6 months with my 3rd born and I really liked this formula. She liked it too. I didn't mind spending the extra money to buy her organic goats milk.

    Holle Organic Goats Formula

    Avent Glass Bottles

    I have these bottles in both sizes and in glass and BPA free. I love them. Never had issues with colic or flow.

    Avent Manual Pump

    I was shocked at how good this thing actually worked. I was actually able to express the same amount if not more than with my electric.  I guess because it's a more natural pumping process it is more similar to a baby. Anyways, I was able to pump from the bathtub, so I loved it.

    Medela Swing Pump

    If you're breastfeeding and pumping to produce more supply but to also build a supply in your fridge and freezer, this will do the job. I could never really do the double breast pumping as I like to massage it or have a hand free.

    Medela Bottles

    It's good to have a few of these on hand. You will likely have milk in all 3 at one time in the fridge.

    Medela Replacement Parts

    If you're buying your breast pump off Kijiji or Facebook, which I suggest you do, then I also suggest getting a few pair of replacement parts like these.


    Bandana Bibs

    This bibs are great for teething and drooling and they look super cute.

    Boody Baby Bambo Sleepers

    This bibs are great for teething and drooling and they look super cute.

    Boody Baby Bambo Socks

    These are hands down the best baby socks. They grow with the baby, don't fall off easily and you'll get lots of life from them.

    Padraig Baby Slippers

    These slippers are the best. So cosy, easy to walk in, and they stay on. They are also easy to slip on and off. Etsy has a lot of handmade version as well.


    Britax Safe35 Car Seat

    I like this infant car seat because it is compatible (with the appropriate adapter) with almost all stroller systems. It is pretty light-weight and the weight limit for the baby is up to 35 lbs. I keep this car seat and use it for travel purposes.

    Cosco Car Seat

    This car seat is a great secondary car seat to use in Grandma's car or for travel. It's light weight, cheap, spacious and practical.

    Clek Filo Car Seat

    I moved my daughters out of their infant seat and into a rear facing convertible seat around their 1st birthday. I kept the infant car seat for a while for travel or when using someone else's car, but my main car seat that I love is the Clek Filo. It's also amazing that they are a Canadian company located right in Toronto.

    Clek Filo Car Seat

    Skip Hop Car Mirror

    I tried a few and this is my favourite.  

    Clek Mat-Thingy Vehicle Seat Protector

    If you're using any Clek seat, you may want to get one of these seat protectors. They are the only ones approved for use with the seat. They're durable, don't slip around and keep the seat protected.

    Clek Mat-Thingy Vehicle Seat Protector

    Clek Oober Booster Seat

    After transitioning my kids out of their convertible car seat, I move them into this booster seat. It has a removable back and attaches right into the latch system. The only issue with this seat is that if you car can only fit 2 latched seats, you can't use a 3rd car seat. These boosters need to be used with the latch system.

    Clek Oobr Booster Seat

    Bugaboo Bee5

    I've had all the strollers, seriously. But one of my favourites and which I believe to be the most versatile, is the Bugaboo Bee. You can add attachments, car seats, it reclines, the handle bar extends, it can face in or out, it can grow with the child, it collapses in one piece, it's great for cities, malls, or travel. In my opinion it is far better than the Bugaboo Cameleon.

    Bob All Terrain Stroller

    This stroller is essential for any off roading or rough terrain. Think snow, sand, hikes but even running. It folds in one pieces and has all the attachments and accessories. It's also compatible with the Britax B Safe car seats. Just double check you get the right attachment.

    Bob All Terrain Stoller

    Bob Stroller Handle Bar Bag & Pump

    This is a must have for your Bob stroller. Enough said. Phone, drinks, keys, whatever.

    Bob Rain Cover

    Living in most climates a rain cover is necessary. This cover fits snug and covers the entire stroller. Definitely a must if you own a Bob Revolution stroller.

    Bob UV Cover

    If you have a Bob Revolution stroller you need this UV cover. There is a large chance you have taking your stroller on hikes, etc. It keeps the baby safe from over exposure from the sun but also the bugs.

    7am Infant Stroller Blanket

    This stroller blanket is my favourite by far. It fits on all the strollers and can reduce in size, and it also fits car seats as well. It's super warm, machine washable and repels water.

    Gate Check Stroller Bags

    I prefer the double stroller sized bag. It fits all strollers plus extras - rain covers, attachments, etc. You always want to protect your stroller when travelling. I always try to gate check mine as there seems to be less damage to items that are gate checked.

    Britax Car Seat Bag

    I love this bag because I can put a car seat in it, plus other stuff. I use this bag when I check my car seat. I add diapers, etc around the car seat.