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    I'm an a-type and really like to plan effectively and thoroughly for travel.  I have my favourite travel essentials that I really wouldn't want to travel without. Lots of my favourites can be found in my boutique, don't forget to check them out!

    Heys Luggage Packing Cube Bags

    These are my absolute favourite. I don't travel or pack without them. It makes packing and unpacking so much easier. This particular bag is the one that I have and recommend. I'm sure there are knock offs or similar products on Amazon. You can purchase this directly from Heys.

    HDMI Apple Connector

    If you're an Apple junkie and travel with iPads, this is a great item to travel with. I also take along a short HDMI cable incase the TV doesn't have one.

    HDMI Apple Connector

    GoPro HERO 5

    GoPros are so great at capturing adventures. They're great for the pool, boat, beach, ski hills and all outdoor adventures. They not that great indoors, natural lighting is best.

    GoPro HERO 5

    Lululemon Double Up Pouch

    So good for travelling. Fits inside your purse or bag. Holds passports, cards and two zippered areas to keep it all secured.

    Lululemon Run All Day Bag

    This backpack is great for travelling and adventure.

    Munchkin Formula Dispenser

    This is so basic, but so helpful. If your baby is formula fed at all, this will come in handy. Keep it stalked and in the bag.

    Avent Manual Pump

    I was shocked at how good this thing actually worked. I was actually able to express the same amount if not more than with my electric.  I guess because it's a more natural pumping process it is more similar to a baby. Anyways, I was able to pump from the bathtub, so I loved it.

    Cosco Car Seat

    This car seat is a great secondary car seat to use in Grandma's car or for travel. It's light weight, cheap, spacious and practical.

    Bugaboo Bee5

    I've had all the strollers, seriously. But one of my favourites and which I believe to be the most versatile, is the Bugaboo Bee. You can add attachments, car seats, it reclines, the handle bar extends, it can face in or out, it can grow with the child, it collapses in one piece, it's great for cities, malls, or travel. In my opinion it is far better than the Bugaboo Cameleon.

    Bob All Terrain Stroller

    This stroller is essential for any off roading or rough terrain. Think snow, sand, hikes but even running. It folds in one pieces and has all the attachments and accessories. It's also compatible with the Britax B Safe car seats. Just double check you get the right attachment.

    Bob Stroller Handle Bar Bag & Pump

    This is a must have for your Bob stroller. Enough said. Phone, drinks, keys, whatever.

    Bob Rain Cover

    Living in most climates a rain cover is necessary. This cover fits snug and covers the entire stroller. Definitely a must if you own a Bob Revolution stroller.

    Bob UV Cover

    If you have a Bob Revolution stroller you need this UV cover. There is a large chance you have taking your stroller on hikes, etc. It keeps the baby safe from over exposure from the sun but also the bugs.

    Gate Check Stroller Bags

    I prefer the double stroller sized bag. It fits all strollers plus extras - rain covers, attachments, etc. You always want to protect your stroller when travelling. I always try to gate check mine as there seems to be less damage to items that are gate checked.

    Gate Check Bag: Double Stroller

    Britax Car Seat Bag

    I love this bag because I can put a car seat in it, plus other stuff. I use this bag when I check my car seat. I add diapers, etc around the car seat.

    Britax Car Seat Bag