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    Suzanne Toth


    My name is Suzanne Toth, I am a Childbirth Educator and Mother to Owen from London, ON.  I have been a fan of Jule's Wellness and their sister company Jule's Baskets for some time.  I am proud to announce that I am now a Jule's Brand Ambassador. 

    I am expecting my second baby in November and to my surprise, when Julie and Emily heard the news, they were kind enough to send me a "congratulations gift” from Jule's Baskets!  It was so appreciated and perfect for me as an expecting Mother!  Filled with all sorts of goodies from dark chocolates and organic teas to all natural skin care and body brushes; it was the perfect gift! 

    If I had to choose a favourite out of the bunch, I couldn't; it was all so great!  I hope you love the Jule's brand and their health-conscious and hand-selected products as much as I do. 


    "Jule’s Wellness is the bomb! All of my favourite products in one place, as well as some new ones I’ve discovered browsing the website. Amazing service, amazing goods! I love you Jule’s Wellness."   - Sylvie Boivin

    Nancy Wu
    Jule’s Basket and Jule’s Wellness are two sister brands we love and support. A health conscious lifestyle is something we always strive for but often fall short due to time constraints. With Jule’s Basket / Wellness hand selected products, online boutique and personalized gift baskets, it puts the busyness of everyday life at ease. Tell someone you are thinking of them with a consciously curated gift. As a brand ambassador, I’m happy to partner with Julie who is equally passionate and energetic about wellness as she is professionally in her business.  - Nancy Wu, Editor-in-cheif at