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    I stumbled into a spiritual awakening that, like many stumbles, surprised me. Over the course of a 3 year period a series of really hard lessons resulted in a pretty serious spiritual smackdown. At the end of my rope with no where left to go, I had to turn inwards to find hope in spirit and the divine.

    Prior to my separation I kept receiving little  "nudges", but I had no idea what they meant at the time. It was kind of like little voices - one telling me one thing (my brain) and the other telling me something different (my intuition). Because I had no idea what was happening and I wasn't tapping into my soul, I put myself through a lot of agony.  I was fighting myself and struggling because of it.   

    Who was I and what was I doing? What patterns were I repeating? Was I awake? Was there more to life than marriage, kids, a beautiful home, working out and my businesses? YUP, there sure was. And I soon discovered it's the universe and it surely does have your back.  Whether you know it or not. What is happening in your life, is happening for you. Even the unravelling.

    Here, in the Shop for Your Soul section of the site, you'll find tools to hold you up during the the powerful seasons of transition. These tools will support you, open your eyes, give you a sense of belonging within yourself, and above all, awaken your soul. 

    Ever think of the events that led you to where you are? All of the things that if happened differently would have changed everything. The sequence of events? All of it is beautiful and none of it is by accident.

    Dive into your soul. See how she is here to serve you. I hope these tools help make your journey inwards a beautiful one! 



    When I find something I love, I share.

    Spirit Daughter

    A resource for all things spirit. A online shop with new moon and full moon workbooks, gorgeous handmade dreamcatchers and a great blog.



    Forever Conscious

    Want to dive deeper into your connection with spirit? This site has an abundance of everything woo. Intuitive astrology, numerology, tarot, rituals, healing, mindfulness. They also have a super awesome moon calendar, check it out here.

    Cafe Astrology

    Astrology is so much more than your sun sign. Dive deeper into your natal chart with the natal chart calculator which you can check it out here


    You've likely been through my site and know I love Amazon.

    Buying books from Amazon always seems to be the easiest and most budget friendly. If books aren't your thing, you can download audio books from Audible with your amazon account.

    enlightening Books

    Light Is the new black


    Shelly Boudah hosts an angel card  program a couple times a year. If you're looking to connect with your intuitive side, I highly recommend it.    To learn more about it check out her website.

    Check out some of my favourite angel card decks I use and recommend.


    A heart lead life

    Somewhere in my smackdown, I started seeing (noticing) hearts. Hearts everywhere. They are my thing and I see them everywhere.

    So much of our lives are spent in our head and thoughts. Noticing hearts has reminded me to stay heart-centered. To let my heart lead, to get out of my head and into my heart, because that is where I will find my way and all the answers.


    Girl Tribe

    Catherine Cowan

    Catie Fenn

    Gillian B