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    Booking Flights

    I have 2 ways of booking travel. Either through Expedia For TD or through my travel agent. I accumulate a lot of points. I can use them for hotel, flights, cars, all inclusive, combined trips, almost anything. I usually book my own flights and most of my hotels myself through at expediafortd.com. I accumulate extra points when I book through them, plus they have access to everything  - all flights, hotels, etc. It's all on my account and easy to track and manage.

    On occasion I use my travel agent. I use her if I'm booking an all-inclusive, a Mexican vacation or The Four Seasons. Originally from Toronto, living in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, she knows all the Mexican hotspots and also offers perks when booking at The Four Seasons.  I'm sure she can offer perks for other hotels, but that's the one I'm using her to book.

    Carry Ons

    These pieces of luggage are so important. Pack your trip essentials, flight essentials and your valuables. Never put your valuables in your checked bag. Include everything you may need in your carry on, because delays and lost luggage happen a lot.


    Double check your information vs. your passport. Double check dates and times. Put all information into your phone.

    Flight Details

    Think about connections, travel times, your seat, if the plane offers wifi, or TVs or iPads for movies. Get familiar with the airports your flying in and out of. Are there upgrades available? Or food for purchase? Review the rules - baggage, check-in, cancellation, etc.